What's a yearbook?

yearbook, also known as an annual, is a type of a book published annually to record, highlight, and commemorate the past year of a school. The term also refers to a book of statistics or facts published annually.

Many high schools, colleges, and elementary and middle schools publish yearbooks; However, many schools are dropping yearbooks or decreasing page counts given social media alternatives to a mass-produced physical photographically-oriented record. From 1995 to 2013, the number of U.S. college yearbooks dropped from roughly 2,400 to 1,000. (wiki)

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Student’s yearbook photo rejected because he’s holding gun

Wade Gelinas
Wade Gelinas' senior photo, which Bonny Eagle High School in Maine has rejected for the yearbook. (Kelly Roy photography)

STANDISH, Maine (AP) — A Maine high school has rejected a student’s submitted yearbook photo because it shows him holding a shotgun.

Bonny Eagle High School senior Wade Gelinas says he wanted his picture to feature hunting because it is a family tradition.

Do you agree with the school's decision?

Principal Lori Napolitano tells WCSH-TV the school in Standish does not allow weapons in yearbook photos because administrators don’t want to be forced to decide which images are promoting violence and which aren’t.

The photographer says she thought there was “no way” Gelinas would be allowed to use it.

Gelinas says he will submit a different photo but hopes the school will change its policy.

Source : Woodtv.com


Teen's photo featuring American flag rejected from yearbook

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. (WGHP) -- A high school senior in Massachusetts is frustrated that a photo of her featuring an American flag was rejected from her school's yearbook.

Morgan Truax's boss at the Red Wing Diner, Liam Murphy, took the photo and purchased a full page ad in Foxborough High School's yearbook to honor all her hard work.

The school won't publish it, however, saying it's disrespectful. Principal Diana M. Myers-Pachla issued a statement to WFXT saying, "The photo showed the United States flag hanging on a wall with the lower portion lying on the floor and the student standing on the flag. We do not view standing on the U.S. Flag as respectful or appropriate."

(Photo credit: Facebook)

Murphy says the school is missing the "big picture" because what is in the photo is not even a flag, but a backdrop.

"This was simply just one of thousands of photography backdrops to depict the American flag," said Murphy. "It is not a real flag, it's not something you would hang on a flag pole, it is literally something that is red, white, and blue, that we found patriotic."

Morgan's mother, Lisa Truax, posted the photo on Facebook, giving an explanation and asking her friends to share. People have been showing support, saying how the situation is "absolutely insane" and how "we are American and we deserve to be proud of our country."

Morgan and Lisa offered to crop the photo so no one would be offended.

WTAE reports that the school considered publishing the cropped version of the photograph but after speaking with a representative of the local veteran's agency they decided against it: "In my professional opinion, this photograph, as it is, or even cropped, would be an inappropriate display of the United States flag." (vdo

Source : Aol.com

Legal action possible in dispute over rejected Fargo North yearbook photo

Josh Renville in a photo that was rejected by Fargo North for its yearbook.

FARGO – The father of a North High School senior is considering legal action over the decision by the school’s principal to refuse to allow a photo of his son posing with a rifle and an American flag as his class photo in the school’s yearbook.

Charles Renville said he discussed the issue with Principal Andy Dahlen and Associate Superintendent Bob Grosz for an hour on Thursday.

Previous coverage: McFeely: Dad of gun-toting student whose yearbook photo denied wants principal fired

Renville said he was told the men will make a decision in a day or two on whether to allow the photo of his son, Josh Renville, in the North yearbook.

If the family doesn’t like that decision, Renville said they will have 30 days to appeal it to Superintendent Jeff Schatz.

Charles Renville

Charles Renville

Renville said that his belief in the primacy of the Bill of Rights, which includes the right to bear arms, and the outpouring of support for his son after a Facebook post showing the photo and laying out the family’s side of the dispute, have him thinking about talking to a lawyer.

“I’ve never had a response like this. I think it touched a nerve,” Renville said. “It’s a picture. It’s not promoting violence. It’s a picture of a kid expressing his love for the country he lives in.”

Renville said guns are one of his son’s hobbies, and it should be treated no differently than if he had been posing with a football or a car he had rebuilt.

“I think we probably will go to an attorney,” Renville said.

No reply was received to a request for an interview with Grosz.

Betsy Beaton, a district spokeswoman, said the district would have no official comment on the meeting between the administrators and Renville.

“We will not have a comment on that,” Beaton said. “We are not commenting on it because it is about a student and (to comment) would violate FERPA.”

FERPA is the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

Source : Inforum.com

After her yearbook photo was rejected for being “inappropriate,” a teenager is calling out her school

October 4, 2017 7:46 pm

A Wisconsin high school senior is speaking out after her first choice for her yearbook photo was rejected because it was deemed “inappropriate.”

After submitting her photo, Eleanor Fitzwilliams was called to meet with the head of the yearbook club at Verona Area High School. The faculty member told her she needed to provide a new photo, reports Today.

Fitzwilliams’ first-choice photo features the high schooler in a sleeveless shirt with a slightly exposed bralette, which was the point of contention. She says her photo was rejected because visible undergarments are not allowed — but she sees that as contradictory, noting that members of the men’s swim team posed in their racing suits, which are far more revealing than her photo.


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here's my senior picture. because you can see my part of my brallette, it was "too inappropriate". yet, here's the boys swim team picture.

While Fitzwilliams provided a backup photo with a more conservative outfit, she says the school is maintaining a double standard. “If the school was okay with them showing a lot more skin than I was, then why couldn’t I show the side of my bralette? It was a sexualization of my bralette,” she told “Today.”

The school has not returned requests for comment from other outlets.

Craig Fitzwilliams, her father, shot the photos himself. He’s on his daughter’s side — and says he doesn’t feel that her outfit was “revealing” at all.


“The last thing I want to do is take an inappropriate photo of my daughter,” he says. “If I thought there was something wrong with it, I would have said something right away.”

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